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actus Botanics reached a milestone in October. We exhibited at SupplySide West, the largest tradeshow for dietary supplement and related functional foods/beverage manufacturers. We began our relationship with Virgo years ago when we first visited SupplySide East. We returned here the following years, and marked our support of this organization with continuous resounding returns.

We are happy to report that we have been successful at SupplySide because we have a global reputation as a US FDA-registered facility with ISO 9001-2008 certification and cGMP compliance that backs the quality of each and every ingredient we offer. Further, our painstakingly work with our growers and resources to ensure full quality and safety of material, plus our sophisticated storage and logistics in China and the US, (and soon in Europe) were all met with great interest. We are happy to announce that our 2011 SupplySide West exhibition drew us dozens of brand new customers! All of our gifts were sent out.

uring this trade show, we discussed our botanical powder extracts, which received strong interest:

★Bayberry bark Extract (Myricetin 80%):
   1.Useful for addressing healthy inflammatory response
   2.Supports healthy cholesterol
   3.Protects the structural integrity of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA,
   a carrier of important genetic information)

★Brown Seaweed Extract (Fucoidan 85%):
   1.Supports healthy inflammatory response
   2.Supports the thyroid, and fight against fatigue
   4.Increases healthy activity of the human immune system

★Epimedium Extract (Icarrins 10%):
  1.Useful for promoting bone health
  2.Supports against erectile dysfunction
  3.Promotes healthy hormone regulation
  4.Supports healthy immune modulation
  5.Anti-oxidation, anti-aging
  6.Promotes cardiovascular and mood support

★Milk thistle Extract (Silymarin 80%):
1.Supports healthy function of the liver
2.Supports healthy blood sugar
3.Supports healthy cholesterol levels

actus Botanics offers each of these ingredients -- and many more -- in various concentrations, to fulfill specific formulation needs.
As one of many friends we enjoyed speaking with at SupplySide West, we were pleased to meet the fine folks of National Enzyme Company (NEC). We are also pleased to note that we also will now be working with several contract manufacturers who we met at the show.

For millennia, our culture has always prized the concept of gratitude, and we are deeply grateful for all our existing clients as well as the new ones. We are hereby thankful to our customers and SupplySide West visitors, and invite all of you to see us in:
  Vitafoods Europe -- Geneva 22-24 May 2012
  SupplySide West -- Las Vegas 6-8 Nov.2012
We have made a decision that we will show and meet our customers on these two exhibitions in the following every year!


We look forward to always better serve our esteemed customers.
For more information:

We do hope to better serve our esteemed customers with our Finest Quality Products.
We will submit Issues 15th per month.

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