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July 10, 2022
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Why You Should Consider
β -nicotinamide Mononucleotide

At Cactus Botanics, we are always keen on ensuring ingredients are not only effective but are safe and will easily fulfill consumer demand.

β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a powerful precursor of NAD+, which is a longevity protein.

NMN is the precursor substance of the cofactor NAD+ of longevity protein in the human body. As the precursor of NAD+, NMN's function is also reflected by NAD, and the metabolism of NNM and NAD is linked. 1 NAD has three independent metabolic pathways in the human body: Preiss-Handler pathway, de novo synthesis pathway and salvage synthesis pathway.

How NAD Works

NAD has a fundamental impact on human health. However, as one’s age increases, the content of NAD in the body gradually decreases, and the communication between mitochondria and the nucleus is impaired. The reduction of NAD also impairs the ability of cells to produce energy, leading to unhealthy or rapid aging and disease; this may also be the reason why we grow “old”.2

The reduction of NAD brings a series of health problems. Studies have found that the reason for the sudden decrease of NAD with age is that the consumption of NAD by CD38 in the NAD consumption path increases exponentially with age, which can also lead to a decrease in the NAD in the body. 3

NMN Benefits Healthy Aging

As an NAD precursor -- a “raw material” -- NMN also provides biological benefits that have been revealed by published research. Its numerous benefits all fall under the healthy aging/longevity category.

It is known to help protect cardiovascular health through downregulating the biochemical Nampt, which is implicated in insulin resistance. In a mouse study, NMN administration increased NAD levels, which improved insulin sensitivity, protected against diet-induced obesity and boosted oxidative metabolism. 5

Aging also negatively impacts sirtuins, and the decline in de novo synthesis of NAD has been linked to regulating SIRT1. 6 Additionally, NMN was shown to normalize the NAD+ redox imbalance, suppressing pathologic hypertrophy, and improving cardiac function. 7
Why to Formulate with NMN

NMN is an inherent substance in the human body, and some fruits and vegetables are also outstanding – but the only sources. Americans typically do not eat enough fruits and vegetables to obtain the amount of NMN to be beneficial, therefore it is particularly important for reasonably healthy individuals to supplement NMN from non-food sources.

Cactus Botanics provides 99% content of β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) by HPLC, which is the highest standard in the global market. Contact us today!

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