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Issue 04
Apr 10, 2022
Cactus Botanics
Hyaluronic Acid: Triple Play for Human Health

From the inside out, hyaluronic acid works like a charm to help promote lasting skin health and beauty, as well as nourishes joints for a lasting active lifestyle.

First isolated and identified in 1934, hyaluronic acid – HA – is becoming a vogue ingredient among younger adults who embrace the “beauty-from-within” and also in middle-aged actives who will not be slowed down and who want something more economical in dosage form that glucosamine and chondroitin.

HA, say researchers, has the following functions in the human body: hydration, joint lubrication, space-filling capacity and helping to regulate specific aspects of tissue repair, such as activating inflammatory cells to bolster proper immune response. 1

The “beauty” of HA is that it can also be used effectively on the skin. HA is naturally found in our bodies, and each HA molecule is said to be able to comfortably hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, a key characteristic sought by women (and men) for the plumping effects that create visually younger looking skin.

Skin Benefits from HA
Authors of a review of HA studies have explained that their thorough analysis showed that a variety of topical HA-based formulations “exhibit remarkable anti-wrinkle, anti-nasolabial fold, anti-aging, space-filling, and face rejuvenating properties. This has been achieved via soft tissue augmentation, improved skin hydration, collagen and elastin stimulation, and face volume restoration. HA, alone or in combination with lidocaine and other co-agents, showed promising efficacy in skin tightness and elasticity, face rejuvenation, improving aesthetic scores, reducing the wrinkle scars, longevity, and tear trough rejuvenation.” 2
Mobility Benefits from HA

As we age, the body slows its production of synovial fluid, and HA represents a significant portion of synovial fluid, which helps to sustain fluid viscosity (allowing joints to move easily) and supports joint integrity. It does this, according to researchers, “by attenuating inflammation and preserving the normal cartilaginous matrix.” For example, in cases of osteoarthritis, the amount of synovial fluid is reduced, which often generates achiness. 3

HA for Vision Health

What isn’t talked about much is the positive influence that HA has for eye health via drops. And here is where many innovations may lie for R&D in the naturals industry.

One study validates the benefits of HA eye drops, for dry eye. The researchers evaluated the effects of hyaluronic acid eyedrops on epithelial wound healing in cases of moderate and severe dry eye for seven days in 56 individuals with moderate and severe dry eye. There were statistically significant improvements in Lissamine green scores, and all participants who wore contact lenses reported improved tolerance to the lenses.

The researchers stated, “the use of hyaluronic acid is an effective and save method of treating dry eye. Especially severe cases of dry eye showed a significant reduced count of epithelial lesions. Hyaluronic acid is known to interact with CD44 receptors of epithelial cells and to promote the wound healing by stimulation of cell migration, proliferation and differentiation.” 4

HA from Cactus Botanics
Cactus Botanics can supply Hyaluronic Acid in three grades – food, cosmetics and eyedrop -- with the range from 0.20×105 - 2.50×106 Da. Hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights has different functions:
HA with different M.W M.W Range Function
Common M.W 1.00×106~1.50×106 Keep skin moisture and lubrication for a long time.
Low M.W 0.20×105~0.50×105 Easily absorbed by skin,
increase skin nutrition.
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