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Issue 3
Mar 10, 2020
Cactus Botanics
Fucoidan: Pure Natural Material to Support Your Health
Nowadays, people pursue a much healthier life with pure and high-quality natural materials. The extraction of bioactive substances from the sea, especially brown seaweed, has become one of great interest as a nutritious part of functional diets and nutritious foods.
Brown seaweeds have been used in human history for more than 1000 years and are commonly used in Asian cuisine. Currently, substantial pharmaceutical studies have been performed on brown seaweeds. Research has identified and substantiated one of the major active components in brown seaweeds -- Fucoidan. Those studies have suggested that this compound, which is a carotenoid, has several potential clinical uses.
At Cactus Botanics we are here to serve you by providing pure high-quality fucoidan to add to a wide range of natural, functional foods, beverages and supplements.
Basic introduction
Fucoidan is a term used for a class of sulfated, fucose rich, polysaccharides found in the fibrillar cell walls and intercellular spaces of brown seaweeds of the class Phaeophyceae. The main active ingredient in fucoidan is these fucose-containing sulfated polysaccharides (FCSPs).
Fucoidan has been widely used in food and cosmetic industries.
Main benefits
Improve the immune system
Enhance specific mechanisms of the host response
Support our bodies with high nutrition and strengthen our blood vessel
Help delay spontaneous apoptosis of human neutrophils and indsuce their activation
Have antioxidant ability
Have potential uses in the areas of anti-aging, skin-whitening, moisturizing and pigmentationreduction products
Cactus Botanics offers
Fucoidan 85% Sources from English Names Botanical Names
Brown Seaweed Laminaria japonica
Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus
Wakame Undaria pinnatifida
Mozuku Cladosiphon okamuranu
Brown Seaweed Powder Extract Fucoidan 85% now is available in Cactus Botanics’ USA warehouse.Please email us: for more information,and we can arrange samples to send to you for quality approval.
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