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Janurary 10, 2017
Cherish 2016 and...
Welcome 2017
Cherish 2016 and...
Welcome 2017
As time goes by, once again another year has passed in the blink of an eye. During 2016, Cactus Botanics focused on diligence, passion, and fortitude. We made new friends, provided outstanding customer service, and at the same time maintained our own healthy and principled lifestyles. Not only did we enjoy a year of further development in key areas, but in consideration of our customers’ advice, we continued to implement new strategies for self-improvement.
Cactus Botanics’s focus for 2017
As a multi-ingredient supplier for the food, supplement and cosmetics manufacturing industries, Cactus Botanics will continue to focus on our customers’ strong demands in 2017. Based on our far-reaching network of resources and market research, Cactus Botanics will select ingredients that have both traditional benefit and scientific value to provide specific health-balancing actions in the human body.
Our Ingredients
We truly value your business, and therefore wish to share with you our most popular ingredients for your reference. The following ingredients are our specialty, and we feel confident that we can give you very competitive pricing:
Botanical Extracts
* Brown Seaweed Extract (Fucoidan)
* Astaxanthin
* Zeaxanthin
* Lutein
* Rehmanniae Extract
* American Ginseng Extract
Joint Care
* Hyaluronic Acid
* Chondrotin Sulpahate
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USA Office:
Cactus Botanics CA Inc.
Add:2691 Richter Ave Ste 113,
Irvine, CA 92606
FDA Registeration No.:11934478090
Ph:  1 949 556 4287/1 949 724 1303
Fax: 1 949 271 5639
China Office:
Cactus Botanics Limited
Add:6/F-AB,Block 2,No.628
Zhang Yang Rd,Pu Dong New
District, Shanghai 200122
Ph:  86 21 5169 6902
Fax: 86 21 5106 2932
Germany Office:
Cactus Botanics GE GmbH
Ph:  49 21 12 4845424
Fax: 49 21 19 5987535
If you have any interest in placing an order for these products, or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us: We will gladly send you samples for testing, and even build up our inventory for you based on your long-term demands.
Our Promise To You
Cactus Botanics is devoted to becoming an expert and pioneer in developing and marketing innovative ingredients for the nutritional market.Our promise to you: Cactus Botanics will continue to provide the highest quality products, the best customer service, and attractive prices to our customers in 2017!
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