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Issue 10
October 15,2016
Cactus Botanics
Happy hours at
SSW 2016!
Happy hours at
SSW 2016!
Thanks to great communication and sincere loyalty, Cactus Botanics achieved great success at this year’s SupplySide West. We were also very honored to be one of the most popular and charming companies at the convention. Cactus Botanics would now like to show appreciation to all attendees and thank you for all the support for Cactus Botanics!
Products from Cactus Botanics have always been Kosher, Halal, and Organic certified. Furthermore, in 2016, Cactus Botanics passedthe USA FDA audit and received high praise on our quality systems! We don’t wish to stop there, however. We at Cactus Botanics are still working to update our GMP certificate this year!
The Cactus Botanics booth attracted a lot of business!
Up till now, Cactus Botanics has become a major player of Botanical Extracts in the industry because of continuous efforts on innovation, quality assurance and customer service experience improvements.The star products in Supplyside West can be found as follow:
Brown Seaweed Extract Fucoidan
Rehmanniae Powder Extract
Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin
Eqimedium Extract Icarrins
Ginseng Extract Series
Stevia Leaf Extract
Meanwhile, in order to have good service and cut down freight cost, Cactus Botancis worked hard, and managed to enlarge our warehouse in Irvine, California. In this show, Cactus Botanics introduced the new inventory with various specifications, and distributed pamphlets to all attendees. If having any interest or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us:, then can send you free samples for analyzing.
--Carol Cheow (CEO of Cactus Botanics) speaks with clients.
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As one of the eminent enterprises in the field of health products, Cactus Botanics
enjoys the highest reputation in providing the purest products at the most
competitive prices. Our number 1 belief is: 110% satisfaction shall be given
to customers at all times, and Cactus Botanics can achieve this through high
quality, great services, fast deliveries and reasonable costs.
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