Cactus Botanics
Issue 8
August 15,2016
Supreme Quality Cranberry
Cactus Botanics
You Deserve to Have It!
Supreme Quality Cranberry
Cactus Botanics
You Deserve to Have It!
Cactus Botanics
The latest issue of Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, an authoritative medical journal in China, has just published an article saying, “Cranberry extract supplementation exerts preventive effects through alleviating Aß toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans model of Alzheimer's disease”. Does cranberry extract really have such potent effect? The following intoduction will give you the answer!
What is Cranberry extract?
The North American cranberry (Vaccinium Marocarpon) contains proanthocyanidins, a rare constituent in fruit and vegetables, as well as other ingredients, which can reduce the probability of human-acquired infections. Also, cranberry is rich in vitamin C, iron, antioxidants, and proanthocyanidins, which can prevent cell damage and maintain the health and vitality of cells, thus leaving the skin soft and rosy.
Protection of urinary system
The cranberry has been used to prevent the high risk of developing recurrent urinary tract problems in adults, especially in pregnant women or the elderly. Tests concluded that the cranberry was well tolerated and beneficial with no new adverse effects. Cranberries are safe and effective in the prophylaxis of recurring urinary tract problems in infants and children.
Enhancement of the
immune system
Natural products provide an abundant and successful source of new antimicrobial substances to enhance the immune system. Among them, products extracted from the fruit of the American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), in different formulations, are rich in compounds that have been implicated to exert numerous health benefits, like the prevention of microbial infections and the beneficial activity against inflammation.
Preventive treatment in the
eldlys' mental problems
Cranberry extract (CBE) rich polyphenols are potent to delay paralysis induced lby alleviating β-amyloid toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans model of the eldly mental problems. Cranberry and its products have been used extensively as nutraceuticals owing largely to their anti-microbial, anti-mutagenic, anti-angiogenic, and anti-oxidant properties. Besides, CBE applied as a preventive agent in AD treatment, rather than a therapeutic medicine, was more effective.
Prevention of weight gain
and related health problems
In recent years, weight per capita increase gradually both in developed and developing countries. Cranberry ameliorates insulin resistance, plasma lipid profile, and oxidative stress in individuals with the metabolic system; decreases diet-induced weight gain and visceral obesity; diminishes blood markers of oxidative stress. Thus, cranberry could be an effective and safe component of functional foods addressed for individuals with metabolic related problems.
Contribution to a more
youthful appearance
The unique composition of the cranberry endows the extract with very valuable properties, such as: it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and it also stimulates the natural rejuvenation processes of the skin.
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Now, the introduction of
five conventional specifications:
1)  PACs  >25%  EP5.0  method
2)  PACs  >1%  BL-DMAC  method  &  PACs  >10%  EP5.0
3)  PACs  >5%  BL-DMAC  method
4)  PACs  >10%  BL-DMAC  method
5)  PACs  >15%  BL-DMAC  method
The measurements took for products are EP5.0, EP8.0 and DMAC method. Our Cranberry Powder Extract is one of the highest quality Cranberry Rxtracts on the market. We also have ID test report from Southern Cross University.
Dietary nutrition
Food additive
Cosmeceutical applications
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