Cactus Botanics
Issue 5 (5th),2016
Cactus Botanics
Cactus Botanics
Cactus Botanics would like to share a great news with you. On 21st April 2016, Cactus Botanics received the FDA audit on the facility and warehouse. With great efforts and good work, Cactus Botanics gained appreciation from FDA officer and passed the FDA audit.
During the day, the FDA officer audited the facility on spot according to the regulation FDA 21 CFR Part 111. Thanks to the good communication and good work practice, the facility and warehouse was approved by FDA officer. Meanwhile, he thought highly of our practice and cooperation with FDA, and said we were the best one in China he has been seen.
Cactus Botanics always hold a belief in the bottom of heart Cactus Botanics should try the best to create great satisfaction for customers. Not only will it present on timely communication but also Cactus Botanics operate with the strict production quality system.
Therefore, Cactus Botanics is grateful of the audit by FDA which promotes to be better and better. Meanwhile, Cactus Botanics are proud of the company whose manufacturing practices for dietary supplements conform to a standardized set of good manufacturing practices. In the future, Cactus Botanics will insist on strict practice and be more innovative. It will be a rewarding experience for you when cooperating with Cactus Botanics.
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