Cactus Botanics
Issue 5 (5th),2016
Cactus Botanics
Big success in
Vitafoods Europe 2016
For Cactus Botanics, it is a great success in Vitafoods Europe 2016. Cactus Botanics is not only proud to attend again with new products and formulations, but also as one of manufacturers who PASSED USA FDA Audit.
Therefore, there is no doubt that Cactus Botanics became an attractive light-spot in Vitafoods Europe 2016. In the booth, all could be satisfied in listening thorough introduction, receiving exquisite brochures, enjoying kind service and feeling our high-motivation.
Meanwhile, Cactus Botanics absorbed various advices from honorable customers, and will take these into consideration. Cactus Botanics believes that good quality management and system will be promoted, which is greatly beneficial to produce high quality products.
Most popular and highlighted products by customers in Vitafoods Europe 2016.
Brown Seaweed Powder Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Chondroitin Sulphate
Rehmanniae extract
Turmeric Powder Extract
Also Fruit Juice Powder is bright and attractive.
Cactus Botanics insists on a belief all the time that greatest satisfaction shall be taken to customers by good quality, best services, fast delivery and reasonable cost.
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