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Issue 8 (8th),2015
Cactus Botanics
Hot Season for
American Ginseng
Recently, it is the harvest season for American ginseng raw material, and we are doing the collection of raw material. According to the latest news, American ginseng has been greatly harmed by the freeze disaster in Wisconsin. Almost 28 percent of the crop and 50 percent of the seed have been damaged.Because of the reduction, the price of American ginseng will be continuing to rise. Meanwhile we have plenty of American Ginseng extract inventory in America, it is a very good fortune in ordering at this time.
Description of American Ginseng Powder Extract
American ginseng is a perennial herb with white flowers and red berries that grows in eastern North American forests. It is one of the most widely used traditional herbs in the world. Both Native Americans and early Asian cultures used ginseng root in various ways to support health and promote longevity. It owns the effect of nourishing the brain, also it can promote the nerve growing and release the labour pains. It also has the function of strengthening immunity.And now, Ginseng improves our life quality mainly via its active compounds Ginsenosides.
Function of American Ginseng Powder Extract
What Cactus Botanics can offer
Cactus Botanics has invested significant funds on protective storage of American Ginseng Powder Extract related products to satisfy the valuable customer’s demand:
American Ginseng Root Powder Extract Ginsenosides 10% HPLC
This ensures the prices Cactus Botanics offers to its customers remain as attractive and stable as possible.

We look forward to always better serve our esteemed customers.
For more information:
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