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Issue 3 (3rd),2015
Cactus Botanics
Cactus Botanics Germany Company
Established for Better Service
Company Name: Cactus Botanics GE GmbH
Ph: +49 21 12 4845424
Fax: +49 21 19 5987535
Cactus Botanics, as a professional health raw materials supplier, is dedicated to supply our customers more valuable services.
With rapid development of our business by years, Cactus Botanics has already be a global company with lots of desirable products. Thanks to our valuable customers and talented employees, Cactus Botanics is heading to a brilliant future.materials supplier, is dedicated to supply our customers more valuable services.
In order to service our Europe customers well, we now set a Germany company to make the cooperation with local Europe companies more fast and convenient.
By doing this, it will be both time and money saving for our customers to purchasing goods and then arranging immediate production. No matter you need 1Kg for trail or 1000Kg for producing, you will have the product in the shortest time but with competitive prices. We are now able to support “One stop” service from our factory to your warehouse which means you can choose door to door term for your future orders.
Cactus Botanics is alwayson our way to be a better partner for your successful business. At Cactus Botanics, you will find high quality products with nice service!
Cactus Botanics
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USA Office:
GB Biotech Inc.
Add:1108 W Valley Blvd
#6278, Alhambra, CA 91803
Ph:  562 219 2167
Fax: 562 246 1323
China Office:
GB Biotech Limited
Add:6/F-AB,Block 2,No.628
Zhang Yang Rd,Pu Dong New
District,Shanghai 200122
Ph:  86 21 5169 6902
Fax: 86 21 5106 2932
Germany Office:
GB Biotech GE GmbH
Ph:  49 21 12 4845424
Fax: 49 21 19 5987535
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