Cactus Botanics has more than 10 years experience in producing nuitritional ingredients, and since  our establishment, marine nutritionals have become our star ingredients that have been strong sellers for dietary supplement brand marketers.

Marine nutraceuticals market:
Marine nutraceuticals provide potent health benefits. Recent research had showed that health conscious people have begun to understand the health benefits they may derive from consuming marine nutraceuticals.
As for Cactus Botanics, the fucoidan and astaxanthin are the most successful and innovative marine nutraceuticals. Our fucoidan is extracted from kombu, which contains more fucoidan than other types of seaweed. And our astaxanthin exists abundantly in algae and it also can be obtained by fermentation.
 Now in marine nutraceuticals market, these active ingredients are believed to be the most potent antioxidant.

Related problems and our solutions:
Because of ocean pollution, some marine nutraceuticals may have been subject to radiation and may have excess levels of heavy metals, which require the need for very strict control. In addition, for some products, the current trend is the transition from animal sources to plant sources. We do as much as possible to extract all the ingredients from seaweeds, which is more environmentally friendly, abundant in the oceans and safe.

Another problem is: depending upon the source of the nutraceutical, people may have seafood allergies. This is simple to resolve – our brand marketers will put warnings on the labels alerting consumers that the ingredient is derived from shellfish.


What can we provide?

a) The branded products. In general, consumers will pay more for a branded product. Consumers trust established brands. To connect with consumers brands need to create visible value, and by adding a branded ingredient, they can clearly show additional value.

b) The high quality products. Our HA & CS facility can provide high quality Chondrotin Sulphate origin from marine sources, which is widely used to support joint health; our shark powder is also indicated for joint support. Our Botanical Extract Facility can provide Omega-3 powder extracted from algae, which is also widely used to support cardiovascular and brain health. Our fucoidan and astaxanthin are developed to be used in immune-support formulas. In essence, Cactus Botanics' marine nutraceuticals address the most common health concerns of active middle-aged and older populations.

In addition, we’d also involved in many activities to demonstrate the credibility of our ingredients. Cactus Botanics have researchers and PhDs on staff who know how to create the science for our brand marketing partners, and we also email a monthly newsletter with an overview of ingredient science to support its biological activity for condition-specific supplements.

Cactus Botanics is always devoted to becoming an expert and pioneer in the extraction of algae and exploring in depth the technology of extracting various active ingredients from algae.

Thank you for your interest in our products and support to us in the past. Cactus Botanics appreciate your persistent trust with all our heart. We're ready to sincerely cooperate with you for a glorious future. Meanwhile, best wishes for you and your loved ones. May all of you be blessed with joy and health! Happy Thanksgiving day!


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