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Issue 8 . 2013
Siberian Ginseng:Powerful Energy Booster
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People are busier than ever -- and consistently want more and better energy. There are many products that purport to do that -- but Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) -- also known as Eleuthero -- remains one of the best-studied, effective and safe natural energy-promoting herbs.

If your company is thinking about launching a natural energy product, consider using Siberian ginseng.

Siberian ginseng is native to the Taiga region of the Far East (southeastern part of Russia, northern China, Korea, and Japan). Note that it is completely different from Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), and has different active chemical components. A bonus:Siberian Ginseng is much less expensive than Panax Ginseng.


Siberian Ginseng contains remarkable compounds, Eleuthero-sides (Eleutherosides B and Eleutherosides E), which stimulate mental and physical vigor. Numerous published human trials on Siberian Ginseng have demonstrated anti-fatigue effects, improved stamina and performance, increased alertness and learning ability.

Name Elevtherosides B Elevtherosides E
CAS No. 118-34-3 39432-56-9
Molecular Formula C16H22O9 C34H46O18

In Asia and elsewhere around the world, Siberian Ginseng has been a popular self-medication among people who are convalescing, under excessive stress or strain, and overworked, as well as those who want to achieve peak physical and mental performance.

In addition, There are also many reports about Siberian ginseng's ability to support the immune system, restoration of abnormally low blood pressure, improvement in circulation, normalization of disturbances in sugar and fat metabolism, and anabolic effects in the liver, testes, bone marrow and other vital organs.


Siberian Ginseng is frequently used in pharmaceuticals -- in tablet, capsule, injection and granule applications. It is also used in foods, but is mainly used in beverages to enhance energy and immunity and marketed often as "anti-aging."

Cactus Botanics has abundant Siberian Ginseng Powder Extract raw materials both in our China and USA warehouses.

Specifications:Eleutherosides B+Eleutherosides E=0.8%

Eleutherosides B:Eleutherosides E≈3:5

Depending on your special requirements, Cactus Botanics, as a senior supplier in the raw materials market, may provide tailored formulations to meet your needs.

Please email us for more information:

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