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Influenza epidemic proportions in the United States this year is, by media accounts, the most serious in the past five years. The virus most responsible for the outbreak is a particular strain of type A influenza called H3N2.

This year's flu season got off to an early start, ramping up in late December, almost a month earlier than usual, according to Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention. The flu strains circulating in the United States this season also appear to be causing more severe illness, especially compared with last year's season. One indicator doctors look at is the number of children who die each year from the flu, the only national death statistics which the CDC keeps for influenza. This year, flu has already killed 37 children, whereas last year the entire season's toll was 34 children.
Flu is prevalent in 49 states — Maine is the exception — and high in 26 states and New York City. At present, the South, Southeast, New England and the Midwest are declining in cases: conversely, the Southwest and the Northwest are rising.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year in the United States there are about 30,000 fatalities from flu-related illness and 200,000 are hospitalized -- also, influenza can cause many complications of chronic diseases. The elderly and children, who have poor resistance, are especially vulnerable. Americans have and continue to be urged to prevent influenza via a flu vaccine. Still, many people are leery of the vaccine and opt not to get it.
In addition to getting a flu vaccine, every year, people should be encouraged to support their immune systems to prevent influenza as well as colds. The immune system may be nourished by a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and protein, plus moderate, regular exercise and supplemental health products. Two examples we like are powdered extracts of Isatis indigotica and ginger.
We-Cactus Botanics Limited understand that in the US, supplement companies are prohibited from claiming their products can "prevent" the flu, so we encourage our US clientele to formulate products that are shown to support the structure and function of the immune system.
Isatis indigotica Powder Extract Specification: 5:1, 10:1
Isatis indigotica is an herb distributed widely in China and traditionally used in clinical support against viral upsets.
Main Functions:
1. Supports healthy inflammatory response
2. Antiviral activity
3. Antinociceptive,
4. Antipyretic
Ginger Powder Extract Specification: Gingerols 2.5%,5% GC
Ginger, the underground stem, or rhizome, of the plant Zingiber officinale has been used as a medicine in Asian, Indian, and Arabic herbal traditions since ancient times. In China, for example, ginger has been used to aid digestion and treat stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea for more than 2,000 years.

Main Functions:
1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Nausea, unsettled stomach
3. Cardiovascular support

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