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News reports lately have been giving us dire warnings of "super bugs" or "super bacteria," sparking a pervasive fear among consumers. Through time, some pathogenic bacteria become more resistant to drugs; this is how the strain, or species, ensures its survival. Equally, pharmaceutical companies must continue to evolve antibiotics to effectively combat the more durable pathogens -- they are pushed to evolve at an ever-increasing speed.
Many experts in the natural products industry, and indeed, many in the medical environment are keenly aware of the risks of misusing antibiotics. Quite a few antibiotics, through their active natures, often are indiscriminate, killing off some of the good bacteria and healthy immunity along the way. Physicians are increasingly counseling patients to "boost their immune systems" when undergoing antibiotic therapy.
Allicin, a potent active compound found naturally and abundantly in garlic, is a tested ingredient for healthy immune support, and more.
Allicin is garlic's own naturally occurring defense mechanism against attacks by pests. When the garlic plant is attacked or injured it produces allicin through an enzymatic reaction. The enzyme allinase converts the chemical alliin to allicin, which is toxic to insects and microorganisms. The antimicrobial activity of allicin was discovered in 1944. Since its discovery, garlic has gained an excellent reputation as a provider of key nutrients. In time, modern science has backed folklore about its natural strengthening effects.
The Protective Effects of Allicin Garlic and its constituents have been studied for decades, and numerous peer-reviewed published studies have shown allicin's positive impact in human health: 
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports healthy choles terol and blood pressure levels
  • Supports prostate health
  • Helps detoxify blood
  • Helps fight against bad bacteria
  • Helps promote healthy inflammation response

Why Choose Cactus Botanics for Allicin?

Cactus Botanics has earned an esteemed global reputation for its ingredient portfolio, and our customers have been asking for allicin. Using our proven expertise in independent laboratory testing, we manufacture deodorized garlic powder through a unique drying and buffering process. Our safe, odor-controlled and bioavailable garlic powder can surely meet your specific requirements. For more information about our new allicin and other ingredients, please email us at:

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