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  Continuous education for us at Cactus Botanics means continued leading-edge ingredients and support for you, our loyal and prospective customers. Today's nutrition industry is one marked by competitiveness as the ultimate consumer demands more to choose, higher quality, proven efficacy through research, and all at reasonable cost.

This is exactly what Cactus Botanics is all about.
On June 29, 2012, Cactus Botanics, an active member in the global nutrition industry, was invited again to attend US Market Quick Start Program, held by New Hope 360. This was the second time it convened in the Chinese nutrition market where we have enjoyed meeting many old friends to discuss the outlook of the nutrition market and how we may remain competitive.
We returned with many fresh ideas given to us by the renowned lecturers who each have years of professional knowledge and who delivered impressive speeches during the session. Cactus Botanics is grateful for the following industry luminaries who collectively helped us elevate our business knowledge:
Len Monheit, executive director of Engredea, is a recognized expert in analyzing business issues and behaviors in nutrition industry.
Claudia Lewis, senior lawyer, focuses on the US nutrition industry regulations.
Steve Taormina, standard director of New Hope, has 16 years experience in the natural and organic products industry.
Ed Wyszumiala, general manager of NSF International's dietary supplement and functional food programs, heads supplements strategic initiatives, including the development certification programs.
Steve Hanson, GRIP IDEAS leader, is an expert in ingredient branding for nutrition industry.

During the session, Cactus Botanics had a wide and compressive discussion with these senior experts which provided us an opportunity to further understand the nuances of being competitive in the US nutrition market. From their speeches, Cactus Botanics' executive team learned more details about the operations of the FDA, FTC, USDA and EPA.

Quality control is a consistently a concern of our client companies. Cactus Botanics is engaging in further preparations for CGMP certification with related staffs; we learned a few new strategies and protocols involved in achieving -- and sustaining CGMPs.

  The US Market Quick Start Program delivered outstanding educational content for Cactus Botanics. If you are interested in working with us to do business in the rapidly growing US nutrition industry, do not hesitate to e-mail us: We are glad to partner with you.