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Vitafoods Europe 2012 held in Geneva will be unveiled on 22the May 2012. As one of the well-known enterprises in the domestic and overseas market, Cactus Botanics will enter this large-scale exhibition. With over ten years experience on R&D in nutritional market, Cactus Botanics, holding the theory of "rigorous quality control, 101% satisfaction customer service" has gained strong growth with a senior team. Carol Cheow, the president of Cactus Botanics, will represent the team to enter the exhibition personally which distinctively shows how great importance Cactus Botanics has focused on.
Why Cactus Botanics enter Vitafoods Europe?
Advantages of Vitafoods Europe 2012:
enjoys a reputation of wind vane in the European nutraceuticals industry
acknowledges huge amount of customer resource
It is the first time for Cactus Botanics to cooperate with Vitafoods Europe.
Since opening nutraceuticals market in US, Cactus Botanics has entered many tradeshows which promote company to develop its own brand in US. At present, Cactus Botanics has owned company and warehouse in US market providing huge amount of benefits to expand US market. Through thoughtful consideration, Cactus Botanics, regarding Vitafoods Europe as a platform, wants to imitate US success to European market. On the
basis of maintaining and seeking to grow our leading position in raw materials for health and wellness industry, Cactus Botanics will fully take advantage of customer resources of Vitafoods Europe to explore European market. On basis of mutual interests and benefits, Cactus Botanics wish to expand nutritional market to every country or region on earth.

Cactus Botanics's plans at a glance

detailed introductions

Cactus Botanics has prepared everything already to welcome the coming of Vitafoods Europe. Cactus Botanics, depending on the most zealous hospitality, earnest services, the most considerable preparation, will show the all-round advantages for customers.

newsletter collection for 2011- 2012 newsletter

The newslettercollection includes relative industrial development reports, product introductionsand internal news of Cactus Botanics which we want to share with you.

suitable staff arrangement

Groupleader,Carol Cheow, a biochemistry
expert, who has more than 10 years of experience in phytochemistry, will take part in Vitafoods Europe 2012.
Wendy Zhang, customer service manager of Cactus Botanics, who has abundant experience on natural health industry, will assistant Carol to create an unusual exhibition.

The light spot "healthy diet" on Vitafoods Europe 2012
Focusing on trends and solution for sustainable innovation on dietary, Healthy diet is the recurrent theme of raw materials known household. Cactus Botanics tightly hold on the concept "healthy diet" to reflect the key of nutritional ingredient.
Hot products:

1. Bayberry bark Extract Myricetin;
2. Brown Seaweed Extract Fucoidan;
3. Epimedium Extract Icarrins;
4. Milk thistle Extract Silymarin;
5. Stevia Leaf Extract;
6. Ginseng extract Series;
7. Lutein;
8. Zeaxanthin;
9. Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract 5-HTP;
10. Resveratrol.

Cactus Botanics's hot products will demonstrate how the smart integration and sustainable products Cactus Botanicswill drive the further market growth.
Cactus Botanics is seeking to explore the potential market in Europe to further consolidate its leading position with sufficient storage and considerable service. Cactus Botanics sincerely welcome customers and partners to look around our booth #1163 from 22 May to 24May in Geneva.
    To find out how you may incorporate Myricetin into your dietary supplements, please
contact us at: We will be honored to work with you.