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iligence, passion, fortitude, re-investment and optimism have characterized the growth of success for Cactus Botanics, a multi-ingredient supplier for the food, supplement and cosmetics manufacturing industries worldwide. Our far-reaching network of resources and market research have allowed us to select ingredients that have both traditional benefit and scientifically shown merit to provide specific health-balancing actions in the human body.

As such, Cactus Botanics has reviewed 2011 sales and can share our Top 10 most popular ingredients:

  These top sellers represent marketing trends and consumer demand; please feel free to contact us to see how you may gain your competitive edge with these ingredients.

To meet the demands of expansion as well as consumer demand, Cactus Botanics has accomplished its warehouse in California and New Jersey last year. As to explore new market share, Cactus Botanics visited at SupplySide East in May, where we were enthusiastically welcomed by international manufacturers of functional foods and nutraceutical products; we enjoyed solidifying relationships and making many new ones. Bolstered by this reception, Cactus Botanics also exhibited at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. Here, we became acquainted with many industry partners and developed many new customer relationships. Thanks to the support of our existing partners and customers, we also enjoyed the opportunities for face-to-face meetings to explore how our ingredients, superior quality and customer service enable formulators and marketers to increase market presence and sales volume.

  In 2011, Cactus Botanics continue to invested in three more certifications and Product Liability Insurance, in order to enhance our clients' abilities to sell to unique markets such as Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan, thereby allowing all people the opportunity to steward their own health with first-class dietary supplements of natural origin.

Cactus Botanics always values human health as the company’s responsibility; we pay attention to taking social responsibility as well. Seeing a need for financial assists for students in poor mountain regions, Cactus Botanics donated an elementary school named Xinyou ("blessing" in Chinese) in Guangxi in 2011. The result is that children in that region don’t have to walk remotely to receive a quality education.

This year, Cactus Botanics will exhibit in Vitafoods Europe and SupplySide West. We invite our existing customers -- and new ones -- to visit our booth and enjoy a chat. Cactus Botanics is sure to impress you with our exceptional service, partnership and quality.
  To benefit our customers in Europe, we are now establishing a sophisticated warehouse in Germany, which is a great location for timely shipment.

  Cactus Botanics pledges to continue to use all our resources to provide ingredients that are trending in demand and that have been shown both empirically and through modern clinical research to provide biological benefit. We look forward to growing with you to accomplish our shared goal of helping consumers worldwide take control of their health and well being. We wish you and yours a prosperous, healthy and happy 2012!


We look forward to always better serve our esteemed customers.
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We do hope to better serve our esteemed customers with our Finest Quality Products.
We will submit Issues 15th per month.
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