rue gratitude is often so easy to express. Cactus Botanics has grown quickly, with many new and exciting relationships in the United States and other wonderful countries. It is our pleasure to say “Thank you!” and show our gratitude, so we are offering our own Thanksgiving gifts to you. In this spirit, our promotions, listed below, may give your formulators and marketing executives some keen ideas for new products – or reformulated products for 2012. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive more detailed information about each, as we are dedicated to delivering our best prices and first-class quality of materials. “Gobble” this opportunity to save money for your company!

snow disaster happened in Wisconsin 2010 affects the quality and yield for approximately two years; half the roots that have been harvested in 2011 were decimated. The price of gnarly root has risen approximately three-fold. Although this affected the American Ginseng market, Cactus Botanics still offers competitive prices, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.
his remains an innovative and market-competitive product. Our customers who have invested in it have given it rave reviews for its flexible applications. We did special research on the production which helps us to obtain high content with a lower cost.

actus Botanics has improved the production technology that effectively controls the cost of the production. We are also able to offer a variety of specifications for exacting formulations. Email us for more details and quotes.
actus Botanics has specific raw material channels that allows us to offer lower costs of this effective ingredient than our competitors. Email us to see how this ingredient can help your products stand out in the marketplace.
nother hot ingredient on sale from Cactus Botanics! Since the whole market price is decreasing, we can offer deeper discounts on this ingredient. We believe this promotion is a great chance to stock for further demands.

As we mentioned in our Recap of SupplySide West 2011, the above hot ingredients remain popular and have exhibited a strong sales performance in recent months. To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we want to share this good offer to more and more customers, so we decided to continue our promotions. Don’t miss this golden opportunity!
Cactus Botanics will never decrease our quality and service level, as well as ensuring very attractive pricing – this is our 100% guarantee. This is Cactus Botanics’s way to say “Thank you”.


We look forward to always better serve our esteemed customers.
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We do hope to better serve our esteemed customers with our Finest Quality Products.
We will submit Issues 15th per month.
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