Issue 4. 2011 Fucoidan, the gift from ocean

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Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found mainly in various species of brown seaweed, such as ko-mbu, limu moui and so on. Those brown seaweeds have been used in human history for more than 1000 years. The earliest written record of kombu appeared in A.D 797 Japan. Since then, the use of kombu became widespread throughout Japan.
Japanese have realized the advantages and precio-us of brown seaweed as healthy food for many years. Brown seaweed and related foods were once be identified as gift and tax in Japanese hist-ory. Till today, the brown seaweed is one of main ingredients in Japanese food. Especially the tradit-ional Japanese food cuisine and sushi rely heavily on komubu. Japanese generally consider brown seaweed foods have contributed significa-ntly to their long and healthy lifespan which is an outstanding level globally.
After the way to cultivating brown seaweeds has been invented in last century, those precious gifts from ocean now become readily available, and the same of the extracts from them.
Not only Japanese, but world wide scientists all showed great interests on this gift. Substantial pharmaceutical research has been done on brown seaweed, the major active components in them have been indentified: the F fucoidan and U fucoidan. Those researches have pointed out the fucoidan have several potential clinical use. Both Japanese and French scientists have indicated that F-fucoidan can induce apoptosis in human cells, which indicated the potential role of fucoidan in anti-cancer and anti-aging.
The research done in Australia showed fucoidan can increased the activity in human immune system, this result may partly ex- plain the role of fucoidan to improve life quality when it is taken as diary diet.
Japan is the major brown seaweed production and consumption market. The recent nuclear leaking catastrophe in Japan has already effected the sales of brown seaweed related products. The increase demands of brown seaweed in Japan and Asian market would consequently fasten our sales speed

Cactus Botanics started to produce and supply sea products since 10 years ago. It is pround to claim good position to offer following sea products in the market:
(1) Brown Seaweed Extract
(20:1~75:1 with Fucoidan 4%, Alginates 50%)
(2) Fucoidan 85% Powder
(3) Spirulina Powder

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