Stevia has been used in South America for hundreds years asfood additive. It is well known that the major compounds of stecia extract, stevioside and rebaudioside, have about 200 times than the sweetness of sucrose. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose. It is very promising if stevia could be used as a natural sweetener in daily carbohydratecontrolled diets.
The concerns about stevia extracts' safety has been dispelled. Recent research has showed stevia is a safe, natural food additive. Evidences have showed stevia extracts are not associated with toxicity. Several researches have showed stevia extracts are not mutagens, they are totally safe. The previous study implied stevia had carcinogenicity is not relievable. On the contrast, stevioside was found to inhibit the promotion of certain tumor in a new study.
Furthermore, stevia has significant effect in decreasing blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Stevia may have a potential pharmacological application on hypertension and diabetes.

According to those new solid data, the IPGS of WHO recommended stevia as a safe food additive in 2006. FDA approved rebaudioside A as GRAS in 2008. The EU countries would also approve the applications of stevia in food industry in this year.
Those recommendations and new regulations would increase the consumptions of stevia extracts all over the world. Stevia extracts would not only be used as sweetens in food, beverages, but also be used in new applications such as chocolates, toothpastes and so on. Some leading companies in personal care industry have released their toothpaste products containing stevia extracts.

China has the largest stevia plantation zone and be the largest exporter of stevioside. However, the outcome of stevia extracts in China still can not fulfill the market demanding. Several new stevia plantation zones projects have been submitted to government and are waiting for approval.
The disaster weather last year caused droughts over China, including some large stevia plantation zones. The total outcome of steviaproducts in China should be affected in 2011.
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