Product Name :Cassia Nomame Powder Extract
Specification: Flavanols 8%
Country of Origin :China

Cassia Nomame P.E. is a source in the natural product industry to help people with weight problems by using its lipase inhibition activity to prevent the fat absorption. This time in a natural fashion, the mechanism of lipase inhibition demonstrated by a new OTC pharmaceutical has already been marketed. It has become very popular in the recent years for its help to lose weight naturally without the side effects of the synthesized obesity drugs.

Function:Flavanols extract from Cassia Nomame is a natural lipase inhibitor, which inhibits the lipase enzyme that breaks down fat for absorption. With this enzyme "blocked" from doing its job, fat passes through the body unabsorbed. Cassia Nomame also acts as a natural diuretic providing thermogenesis action to stimulate the burning of fat cells within the body.

Weight loss

Flavanols binds to alpha-2 receptors (which are most abundant in the thighs and buttocks), "drawing out" the fatty acids from the individual fat cell. It dramatically mobilizes stored fat lipids for thermo genesis in preference to carbohydrates. It has also been proven to safely increase hormonal thyroid output without interrupting the body's natural production of thyroid hormone. Flavanols actually inhibits the release of targeted enzymes that control fat storage while also stimulating cellular energy, effectively causing the individual fat cells to burn fatty acids.


100-300 mg Cassia Nomame P.E. before meals is recommended to block fat absorption. It may also block the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Therefore take your fat soluble vitamins 2 to 3 hours after meals while taking Cassia Nomame P.E..

The Cassia Nomame extract is standardized to 8% Flavanols.

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